Two years



December 28 2010. My blog turned two years older. Sick!
I can´t believe it´s been that long since I started blogging.

But unfortunately, this will be my last..
I´ve decided to quit blogging. I´m gonna miss it though.

2011 - Let´s start fresh!
I´m ready for you. Whatever obstacles, challenges you have for me.


God Jul

Ønsker alle en riktig God Jul! :)


Fall for yout type


Jamie Foxx ft. Drake - Fall For Your Type


Drizzy Drake

Can´t wait to go home

One more final to go, then ho ho ho!!!

A hell lot of Redbull ingestions


I seriously don´t know what I would do without Redbull. I am 24/7 sleepy all the time.
Okey, maybe not all the time. But most of the time when it comes to studying, reading and  
doing my assignments. It was so hard waking up today. So hard that I slept til 1 pm today. Shoot!
I haven´t started reading for my finals. Not just any exam. Omg. I´m in deep doo doo! 
This is soo not going anywhere. Might as well sign up to re-take the exam this autum!

I just wanna go hoooooome to my amigos!

You will find me, in these city lights

Making our way upper town. After the movie was finished,  around 9-10 pm we spontaneously decide
to drove to Drammen for sight seeing. And slow jams was our tune on the radio. It was so chill. We´ve
really been slacking knowing that we have an exam this friday. And not just any exam. It´s THE exam!!
In order to be an Optician, you must passed this exam. 2 hours. 100 questions. Oh God... I haven´t
started reading yet! Typical me. 


What if

Speaking of song, G fell inlove with Jason Derulo´s single - What if.
So G, I dedicate this song and post to you. And you too D dawg, I feel you!

We had to listen to it for like a gazillion times in the car!! And I´m hooked. I had this song on
repeat since I got home. Infected. I think it´s cute how everyone is like, love-sick cracking! HEHE. 
Specially G, she´s good at hiding something. She never spells or tells us who she likes or how
she feel. But yesterday night, she finally broke down in tears. Okey, no tears. HAHA! I tend to
exaggerate. Though she didn´t give us his name cuz she thinks  we´d go around and tell everyone
and everybody. Which is not true! Okey, partly true! :P But she finally confessed. Hah, I knew
there was something.

Am I the only one who´s not on the same boat as them? Feels like everyone around me is
inlove. Cute! 

Oh, baby this town rips the bones from your back

We sat at school until around 5-6 pm today. T´was already dark outside when we´re finishes. Ugh.
Winter. You are so depressing some times... Lucky for us, we got invited to a dinner. Dinner and
Rush Hour 2. Can´t go wrong with that! What a combo! :D

After dinner. We drove SPONTANEOUSLY to Drammen around 10 pm! 
It was soo cozy. I love that place, specially by night!

I won´t give you reason to change your mind

Omg. Gipsy, you´re such a good cook!
I love you, dawg! :)

Private concerns and evaluations and wishes


Friday: Julebord. Haven´t got the pics fromTP yet.
Saturday: Dinner with TP & L.
Sunday: With my dawgs.



I made this for a year ago now. I can´t believe it´s been that long! Seriously though, feels like I made this
just a couple of months ago. I´m thinking of transfering my blog. I hate the fact that you always have to
come up with somewhat tittle every freaking time. I´m not good with titles. Still can´t believe it´s been
a year now. How time flies. SICK!

Haven´t had time to update my blog. Got tons of pics to post but I´m too lazy, besides it´s examamination
week! Can´t wait to go home meet my mom, dad and friends! Bed´s inviting. 



Have yourself a Merry little Christmas


Oh Joseph, why art though so hot?

Santa can you hear me?
Really hope that your on your way. With something special for me in
your sleigh. I have been so good this year and all I want is one thing.
I want my baby! I melt inside everytime I hear and see him sing.
So hard to findguys like him today. 


Just like you


allthingsdrake: Just like you?

Just like you...I get lonely too.


If I'm the lyric, baby you could be the note. Record that!

If you be the cash
I'll be the rubberband
You be the match
Imma be your fuse
Painter baby you
Could be the muse
I'm the reporter baby
You could be the news
Cause your the cigarrette
And I'm the smoker
We raise a bet...
Cause your a joker
Truth tho...
You are the chalk
And I could be the blackboard
And you can be the talk
And I could be the walk

Even when the sky comes falling
Even when the sun don't shine
I got faith in you and I
So put your pretty little hand in mine
Even when we're down to the wire babe
Even when it's do or die
We can do it baby simple and plain
This love is a sure thing

Ahh, love this song!


Disney medley

How adorable is he?!
Very. Love his smile. Though I think he might be too young. Oh, I love a man who can
plays the guitar or an instrument. Who can sing or dance.

Back and forth you rock me

Mellow cover.



I got nerves!


Chasing papers

I die.

I just wanna get this over with. I wanna g home soon!

Life itself

Usher - I Love You Too

Chris Brown - Life Itself Chris Brown - Qutis

Chris Brown - Last Time Together

Mishon - Just A Kiss

T.I - Let Me Tell You Something

Seriosly. Back to studying. Jam to this song. And promise to not fall as sleep!
Ahh, don´t you just love discovering new music that you love? Thanks to mæ boi Albert who
hooked up up with these songs.. I mean for the list, not that he downloaded it for me..
Cuz I had to.. -_-  You could´ve atleast spare me the work!! HEHE


The internet

Is way too distracting right now: Facebook. Tumblr. Youtube. Etc. I have an exam ths friday and I barely
even have started studying! I am in deep doo doo. Oh yes I am! I soo am!!!  Dang it! So... time to
unplug this damn internet. Right after I finish downloading new founded songs. Love em´ all. Mellow.
Chill. Just my type. Ahhh.

Just say yeaaah!




I have no motivation to keep me going. I am a big procrastinator. I wish I had something that motivates
me, so I can work towards that. I AM SCREWING UP MY FRESHMAN YEAR! Yeah, that´s more like me.
I seriosly have lost it. Motivation. Concentration. Whatnot. -_- zzZZ



People never change


Alle forteller deg at han ikke er bra for deg, at han ikke fortjener deg. Og det gjør han ikke, men likevel vil du bare være med han. Og han vil være med hvem som helst. Du lukker øynene hver gang han er med noen andre, men kjenner det stikker litt. Så kommer han tilbake til deg igjen. Forteller deg alt du vil høre. Holder rundt deg. Kysser deg. 

Han er en feil du begår igjen, og igjen. Du sier til deg selv at dette var siste gangen, men vet at det aldri blir det. Du skyver han vekk, og trekker deg unna. Han skal glemmes. Og det funker.. i en liten periode, så klarer han likevel å trekke deg inn igjen.

Du sletter alt, alle minner, og håper at han bare skal forsvinne for godt. At du skal slippe å se han, høre stemmen hans, se han smile, le. Samtidig som du håper at han skal komme og holde rundt deg igjen, og kysse deg, være den som gjør deg glad. Så hva gjør du egentlig? Lukker øynene og fortsetter å overse alt, i håp om at han en dag skal forandre seg? At han en dag skal vokse opp.. Ingen forandrer seg.



Omana B.



D, where you at, dawg?





Talking to you was part of my daily routine.


Another night she spends alone


I'll drink to that!

If doing homework was a job

If doing homework was a job, I wouldn´t even get hired, so that means Id never get fired...
How sad.. haha.

Mac & Cheese

I had mac & cheese for breakfast todaay. Now I´m nauseous. I didn´t even eat a wholesome.
I guess I know what I´m having for tonights midnight snacks. hehe. Can´t wait to go out
with my ladies tonight. It´s been ages. Like a weeks ago. Hah! I love the fact that
the clubs are like 50 meters away from where I live. Short walking distance. What´s not to love?

It´s a freakin´weekend baby!



Off to school. Ugh. We don´t even have class today. But promised G to meet her there and "study" as if 
that´s gonna happen. We all know we´ll ended up just talking.


Oh na na, what´s my name

I know I´ve posted this song a while ago. But not with the original video. 
Love this song. The lyrics and Drizzy. They look good together. Rih rih is stunning!

Baby you're a challenge, let's explore your talent


Not everybody knows how to work my body , knows how to make me want it 
But boy you stay up on it , you got that something that keeps me so off balance 
Baby you're a challenge , let's explore your talent 


Hey boy I really wanna see if you can go downtown with a girl like me 
Hey boy , I really wanna be with you cause you just my type


Ooh na na na I need a boy to take it over , looking for a guy to put in work
Baby you got me and ain't nowhere that I'd be than with your arms around me


Back and forth you rock me , so I surrender to every word you whisper 
Every door you enter , I will let you in

I´m just another substance abuser, but baby I´m the future


When you want someone, you have to take the person as a whole. Their entire being. Meaning you have 
to take the good with the bad. You can´t just pick the bright side of a person´s personality and leave the 
other behind because to every good person, comes bad moments too. Relevant to the saying, if you 
can´t handle someone at their worst, then you sure as heck don?t deserve their best.

Night :)



A day without sunshine is like, you know, night

Me and TP had a major cravings for sushi today. 
Solution: Buy a take away.

Satisfy your cravings. 
The leftovers turned out to be my midnight snacks..

The leftover of the leftovers. haha
Now I´m stuffed. :)


All I want for Christmas


Definitely a real piece of art for me! 
He´s a tripple threat and he´s just my type.


Hello december


Please be good with me.

Tell me what it is, it isn t fair




Will never be far from here

Dinner at Phu´s crib without Phu. He was too busy getting his haircut and christmas shopping
that he ditched dinner. We owned his place and cooked dinner while he was out. 

Fajitas :)

I can´t believe it´s december already. Time FLIES!

Power nap!

And for deserts. Brownies! :D

G-style! Lazyness. haha

Neighbours smelled our brownies. 

Jamming to this song 1000x on repeat. Everyone´s hooked on Joseph Vincent. But we all know
he´s all mine. And when it come to MY man, I don´t share. :)

Full house!

Vanilla ice cream & chocolate brownie. mmm :)

I don´t wanna seem so weak


Chest to chest. Nose to nose. Palm to palm. We were always just that close. Wrist wrist. Toe to toe. 
Lips that just felt like the inside of a rose. So how come when I reach out my fingers. It feels more 
than distance between us. Eye to eye. Cheek to cheek. Side by side. You were sleeping next to me. 
Arm to arm. Dusk to dawn. With the curtains drawn. And a little last nite on these sheets. So how come 
when I reach out my fingers. It feels more than distance between us.

Just when I felt like giving up on us. You turned around and gave me one last touch. 
That made everything feel better. And even then my eyes got better. 
So confused wanna ask you if you love me.
But I dont wanna seem so weak. Maybe I´ve been california dreaming. In this 
california king bed. We?re ten thousand miles apart. I bet california wishing on these 
stars of the heart of me.

Think I just found my new jam. I love Rihannas new album, Loud. I got my cop!y! :


No risk, no reward


Jeg sier alltid "det er bedre å angre på noe man har gjort, enn å angre på noe man ikke har turt å gjøre", men likevel sitter jeg her å angrer på ting jeg ikke turte å gjøre. Jeg sier også "det er aldri for sent" når jeg skal gi andre råd, men likevel følger jeg ikke mine egne råd. Jeg angrer på at jeg ikke gjorde noe, men nå er det for sent.

Chances I didnt take.
Relationships we were afraid to have.
Decisions we waited too long to make.

Han var en venn av venn, sånn.. jeg visste hvem han var, samtidig som jeg ikke visste hvem var. Så ble vi kjent, og plustelig så var han en venn, og han andre ble en venn av han. Han var en man ikke kunne annet enn å smile av når man så han. En man bare villeklemme og aldri slippe. En man ble glad av bare man så. Og for ikke å snakke om hvor kjekk han var.. For det var han. KjempeKjekk. Han var en man gledet seg til å se..

.. Men som man aldri turte å spørre om å finne på noe. En man bare tok sjansen på at var der. At man møtte han på gata. At han ute. Jeg spør meg selv hvorfor, og trøster meg selv med et svar jeg tror jeg kan leve med. Et svar som er en god nok unnskyldning for at jeg aldri tok sjansen. Jeg var redd for å bli skuffa. At han ikke var så snill som jeg trodde. At han ikke var så søt som jeg trodde. At han ikke hadde den personligheten jeg trodde han hadde.. Ja, jeg slår meg til ro med at han ikke var den jeg trodde han var, og sparer meg selv tårer og knuste hjerter.

Omana B.

I can´t keep up with you

Tonight. Dim lights. Candle lights. Mellow music.

Ps. My baby is back! :)

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