Who is she?

Thats a secret I'll never tell..

I go by the name Marie Stephanie Clare G.
I stick up for my family no matter what.

I hate when people lie to me.
And no I don't do drugs. haha
I'm smarter then you think, you'd be suprised.

I don't hold anything back. I'll say anything thats on
my mind without thinking. I'm nowhere near perfection,
and I'm fine with that. Say what you want. I don't care about
your trash talk. It doesn't bother me. You're taking time out
of your own life.

Hate is easy, Love takes courage.

I get too attached to people & always end up losing them.
I'm not in a hurry to find love.

People say i've changed so much but heres the honest truth.

I grew up.

I stopped letting people push me around.
I learned that you can't always be happy.
You gotta face reality. If theres anything
I'm good at, its hiding how I feel. I could
have the biggest smile on my face

when I'm nowhere near happy.

The End. Story of my life! haha

So here we are, 2009 and everything.
Another year passed by. A lot had
happened, some great and not so great.

Happy New Year!

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