I let go

People will always keep disappearing in your life. Some will come back and others wont. You shrug your shoulders, sigh and move on. What else is there to do than to let go? That is what they want. But when it comes to those special people, who means a lot, it breaks your heart. But then again, there's nothing to do about it. Not when you've put your heart and soul into trying to make them stay with you, but it turns out it was all for nothing. You move on, though at nightyou still think about all the people who've left you, and feel that your heart is incomplete. So what do you do then, when these people or this person wants to come back into your life.

Think about all the times they never stood by you. About the seconds, minutes and hours you've wasted on thinking about them. About the days or weeks you've spent on missing them. What if this special person was someone you could always count on. But then again, a someone, who left you hanging. What if this
special person made your heart fludder? But then again, a someone who left you with a heart ache.

Do you let them back in?

I don't mean literally, some random photos matched with a quote. Other than that, they're meaningless.
I mean don't get me twisted. But like. I'm not missing nor loving anyone.iiik.
Save yourself from "heartache" and sorrows. Love no one but you! :)

Marie Stephanie Clare.

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