I'm lazy and spoiled. I got my mom to make brunch for me. hehe
Ugh, I'm going to work today. Don't feel like going. Not today not tomorrow, never.

It's just I can't stand the people who stops by. Not all the people but some, few.. Neglecting
them isn't esy either. Gaaah! I want a new job where I don't need to face mofos and put on a
fake smile just to be nice. I don't do fakes. I'm wokring from 16:30 - 21:15. Not to mention I
hate my shifts. Why can't I work on daytime instead of wasting my whole day waiting to go to
work. Complaining actually helps a little bit. But dosen't take the burden out of my shoulders..
But whatever, I'm not asking anyone or anubody to read my blog. It's your choice!

I'm out.

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Nov 13, 2009 kl.12:44 AM

Dt r s det ska vara ! haha ;)

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