All we gotta do is love

I know, I know.
It's been forever since I last post a music or a video on my blog. It's just I've been so busy
focusing on the other stuff. And speaking of music. Lately I've been listening toupbeat
musics only. I can't even remember the last time I listened to mellow and emotional music.
Well, except for Norah Jones, which I listen to like 24/7. Ok, maybe not, but every now and
then though.But Norah Jones' rather romantic than emotional. When I say emotional I'm
prefering musics like Leona Lewis. She always sings about broken hearted songs. And I'm
not just feeling that kind of songs anymore. I'd rather listen to happy beats. Like Vengaboys,
Miley Cyrus. I mean, atleast their songs puts me in the good mood.

So random. I'm blogging in english. hah! I just felt for it. Anyhow, I think this song is cute.
And mellow. I love musics that usually involves guitar on it.. I'm a fan acoustic musics.
Guy on the video's so sweet. He wrote this song to her gf beacuse it's not going so
well. The lyrics is simple, yet cute. I've been listening to this song now for God
knows how many times. It's on repaat, cuz I'm not in the mood for any upbeat
music right now. I just want to chill..

And now that I'm chilled time to crank up that volume and put on the nex Alexandra Burke
song, featuring Pitbull! Stay tuned, it's coming on my next post. woop woop

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