I am such a night person. Just a minutes ago I was sitting in the kitchen eating clover bits and pie. Not
just any pie. But the pie. I love the night. Peaceful, quite andtranquil. My thoughts just fall into place.
I get "creative" sometimes. I come with these great i deas that I normally just end up neglecting cause
sometimes I'm just too lazy to do it. Butonly sometimes, though.It's almost dawn and I didn't notice
that it was raining outside. Not a single sound from it. Until I saw out from the kitchen window when
Inoticed the road looks wet. Then I saw the raindrops on the car, then I realize it is raining outside.

My cousin took this picture last year while visiting my motherland.

And I took this. Haha! I'm such a noob!

Edit: My mom just knocked on my door to see if I was asleep. Yikes! Though she didn't
get mad this time. I told her I was full because I just finished eating. Then she closed the
door without saying anything back and left. Oh well, better hit the sheets soon. Before I
end up sleeping the day off tomorrow. I don'tknow what to expect. Got my day off tomorrow
as well. What should I do? I should do some productive stuff. Like do the math? Wait, what?

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