I say too much sometimes

I such a random person. I mean, talking from perspective of my blog. From english to norwegian,
then switched to english agian. Haha! People may think I'm confused. The lost one. But I'm
not. I'm just simply random, that's all. :) I should be in bed by now, but I stayed up late. I was
watchingThe house bunny, it was on air in TV 1000 family. It was alright, I liked it a bit.
Now I'm listening to Norah Jones. My best friend got me her first cd, then bought me her
twoother albums. So I got her three albums now.Yeey me! I never liked her before, I
remembered laughing at a girl because she said she liked Norah Jones. I was stupid
back then. It was like four or five years ago. Now, I love her.I haven't heard any of
her songs by then nor realize how really good her music was. It's so mellow and chill.
Romantic as well. I listen to her a lot. Specially at night when I'm lying on my bed
and waiting to fall asleep.Anyway, enough with my Norah J. obsession.

I come to realize that I barely blog about my everyday life anymore. Not like before,
the first thing I did was blog.Haha! I was a noob by then. I took pic of everything I
ate andla la la. But then I realize how lame it really was, so I cut some slack
and ease on that part. I mean,it was getting too personal and all.And who the
hell cares what I did, when Ibrush my teeth and what I had for dinner? But I
still do it sometimes though. Like the post below. Butnot as howI used to.

Oh, did I mention that I got in the bachelor of optometri in Kongsberg. Aii.
Meaning I have to find a flat nearer the school. Which btw is 2 hours and
a half from where I live. I'm not quite sure how I'm gonna survived cus I've
always depended on my mom to wake me up in the morning andmake
breakfast for me. I'm terrefied, you know. Terrified by the thought of living
alone. There's nothing more I hate than to be alone and lonely. I know no
one i KB. Except for my friend TP who's also studying there but this is her
last year so yikes!!Umm yea, this should do. I mean, I haven't updated
that much. So here are some to fill you in. Time to hit the sheets.

G'Night :)


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