I just finished chit chatting with my bestfriend over the msn. God, it's been ages since I last logged
in on my account. I was sending him ove rthe pics from our trip to Liverpool which was soo much
fun. The plane ride to Liverpool was UNFORGETTABLE! We sat next to Rob who btw was a not
a stranger to us. We kapt on reapting our conversations to him whenever we chat! I just laugh
my off ass today. I mean, do you have that perosn who makes you laugh so hard your stomach
aches? We'll my bestfriend does that to me. Omg, I love him to death. The last timeI laugh so
hard was with him. I was singing a spanish song in the livingroom while he was sleeping on the
sofa. I sang louder an dluder til I woke him up then I started laughing so hard. The trip was EPIC!
I miss it.

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The UK boy Martiiin

Aug 26, 2010 kl.11:14 AM

Miss it tooo

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