Tonight I'm on my own

My world suddenly turns so sad.
Theres nothing I hate more than being alone in a new place. I get lonely easily
and bored. Today, I was eating inner alone in my dark ond cold room. I felt so sad
and shed a tear. I don't like this at all.. What have I done? I mean, yes I do want to have
a good future, but I hate being so far. I've place my clothe son the closet and all. After
cleaning and setting up my apartment with a helf from my folks. When they left I hopped
in to the shower and then tried reading the books I borrowed from T when I felt sleepy.
And ended up sleeping on y bed for 2 hours. Okey, this is really sad. I am used of having
tons of people around me and now I have nothing but music. I don't know how
things will go...

School scheds are looking pretty tight and I don't speak Optimetry. So there many stranger
words to me. Tomorrow I start at 10 am, school is 2 km from where I live. I've been
doing nothing but listen to music the entire day Igot here. Didn't got internett connection
until now. I didn't knew I was suppose to bring my own internett chord which I don't
think I have. Luckily my friend lend me one, while her laptop is being fixed.. It's 2:15 am
in the midnight now. I'm not feeling sleepy at all, probably because I slept this afternoon.
It's raining outside which makes it even sadder to be here.. Anyway, I shoud stop before
this gets too emotional! HAHA


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