Feels like rain

I may not know where I'm going now. Things are so complicated at the moment. It's like a dead end.
I don't know where things are going the only things holding me here is.. I don't know. Nothing.
But I like the idea og having my own place, probably that. But rather than this, nada.

Today more than ever I just want to pack up all my things, buy a plane ticket or bus ticket and leave.
Go somewhere far away and meet new people, start fresh. Because everyday I feel my life getting
smaller and the people in it slipping away faster. I feel like there's not much left for me here.

Kongsberg, why do you have to be so far far away and so effing boring? Life would be so much
easier if you're only a mile away and has a little more life. I mean, there is absolute nothing to
do here than sit back, relax and watch the pouring rain through my widow. This place hasn't
seen sun for God knows when!

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