I don't really go by the whole freshman/sophomore/junior/senior thing in college.
At least for now. But I guess you can say I am afreshman in college now, which I am.
I am not fucking my my freshmen year, I just had to figure out what I really wanna pursuit
before jumping on the boat. Though I still don't know if this is the right course for me but I am
really interested on the stuff we're doing. Except MATH!! I mean,X +B =Y Me!?

I have no motivation to keep me going on. I wish I knew what I want to be in the future, so
I can work towards that and have something motivating me. I am not fucking up my freshmen
year! I'm not. I'm slacking on math, I know. I just don't get it. It dosen't make any sense, some
of it. It's just not logic. Or is it just me. Yeah, thought soo.. haha!

Seriosly though, hard stuffs. It's fun when you get it, but if not, it just drives me nuts staring
at the blanc pages on my notebook. Since when does math had to do with Optometry?
Okey, I know, physicshasa little bit of mathematics but seriosly, we're moving so fast.
Iwas gone for a day, and BAM hopped to chapter 5. What happened to chapter 2, 3
and 4? Already next week we're having a test in mathematics. YIKES!! I wan't a
tutor in math. I wish this was Philippines so I could get some help from some what
tutor I could pay. So hard to get some help here these days.I feel like people are
so egoist with their knowledge like they don't wanna share what they know and
all. But I don't kow. Maybe it's just me. Tthat's what I feel though. Anyway.
I should hit the bed. I'm skyping with my locas. I miss them!
Hope I get to see them this weekend. :)


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The UK boy Martiiin

Aug 27, 2010 kl.1:48 AM

slut! jeg liker hvordan bloggen din er estetisk, og at du alltid har fine bilder, for det setter viben ikke sant, s proud of you, du er s flink, hper kongsberg er aiit, love

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