Its a quarter after one and I'm a little drunk

I'm am back in Klfta for the weekend. So good to be back and let my momma pamper me.
Blogging from her laptop cuz I left mine at my place. Thinking of buying a new one though.
Went downtown today to celebrate M's surprise birthday party. Bitch is so lucky, he got an
apartment in downtown for his beerday. What more could you ask for? A total bachelor pad,
with all the pole and bar going on. Bet theres gonna be a hell lot of parties in the future, specially
now that he's eighteen. Ugh, can't believe this weekends over. Meaning I have to go back to reality
more likea nightmare. Going back to Kongsberg this sunday, after church or so. Sunday is laundry
day. I need to clean my apartment cus TP's spending the night over until this wednesday. I'm so
tired and sleepy in a way that I don't want to fall asleep. But beds waiting. So..


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