Song of the day.

I should probably start packing and pull my self together and go back to my place. Weekend was fun
until it lasted. Kongsbergs waiting. So are my laundries! Ugh, I hate the two hours train ride. It's such
a waste. I mean, I could use those 2 effing hours with something productive like clean my crib or
do some laudry. Mom made me lunch and I can smell it form my room. mmm. Time to hop
up form the bed and hit the shower. I don't want to go baaack. There's nothing for me there!
Nada. Zero. Null. Such a boring place to be. Ok, enough dissing. I haven't said anything
good about KBG since the day I got here. haha. I can't help my self!

xxx, Clare-bear :)

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