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I miss my laptop. It feels like it's been forever since I last touch it, surf in it and la la la.
I didn't bother bringing it with me back home since I was meeting my girls down town before
heading home to Klfta. It's so heavy to bear it around so I left it in my apartment. It's not the same
using moms laptop. Theres som many photos I wanted to uplaod that I didn't get the chance to
because of my hectic schedule at school so weekends are basically my freetime. But I'm out
having fun so theres no much left time for me to blog. I miss it, bad. Shredding my thoughts,
frustrations, emotions and all. Theres so much to say that I forget them.

As I said I was in down town today to meet up with Rachiel, along came Sofie then Nikki and Lisa.
I live for the weekends and fun. I miss Oslo. I ate sushi while Rachiel and Sofie ate in Burger King.
When Lisa and Nikki came we stroll down to Akkerbrygge and sat on the cozy sofa at TGI Friday's
where we chat and mingle. Apple pie, Oreao madness, Strawberry daiquiris and Orea shake was
on the menu. God, it was soo delish. Makes me miss this City even more. Kongsberg has nothing
to offer. haha!

For anypne of you that wonders. Yes I did got new friends in Kongsberg. Two of my closest and newest
friends are Gima & Diep. It's so wierd, I met G star ( I gave her that name. ) during introducion week, we
came in the same group. And she was also taking same course as mine. Then Dipe which I prefer to call
D dawg is in our class as well, but met her later in the week. I approached to her, me and G star. Then we
started talking and found out that she was also taking Bachelor og Optometry. Then we were sorted in
3 sections, A, B & C. Me, G star and D dawg got in the same section. It's fate, I'm, telling you. We have so
much in common and we have so much fun during our classes. They make it easier to be in school. I'm
glad I got to meet them. And since I'm not on my own laptop I have no pictures to upload or whatsoever.
But when I get back this sunday I'll def. upload some. :)

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D dawg

Sep 4, 2010 kl.1:10 AM

Yo, Steph!

S stt av deg endelig skrive noe om meg og G-Strar :D Dere lyser opp skoledagene mine ogs! Jeg har aldri mtt en som har ftt meg til le s mye som deg, snn rligtalt. Skal takke deg nr jeg frst har rundet 100 r, haha :D

G Star

Sep 4, 2010 kl.10:45 AM

hehe der var vi ogs:D, jeg er veldig glad for ha mtt p dere jeg og,har fortalt masse om dere her hjemme:D..


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