You're always wanting what you can't have

I'm tucked in my bed with laptop on my lap.
Scented candles, vanilla and slow jams. Trey songz, Usher, Norah Jones, Ne-Yo, John Mayer, etc.
First time I've spent the weekend over in Kbg. I was stoked to go home today when out of the blue
changed my mind an hour before the train leaves. So I ended up spending friday nightall by my
self when I was suppose to meet my girls and Ernie. I haven't done anything good, except sleep
at 7 pm earlier then woke up a hour later. Haha! I'm exhausted and schools to blame. I like being
alone, listen to music, light up some candle and just relax. Probably the reason why I decided to stay.
All I do is go out when I'm at home. I never did stay home. I was always in downtown cathcing up
with some old and new amigos. Can't wait until this weeks over so I can go home next weekend
and celebrate Linda! :D

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Sep 18, 2010 kl.9:54 PM

Bra du lader batteriene til neste helg ;)

Marie Stephanie

Sep 20, 2010 kl.4:36 AM

Linda: Jeg ladet dem igr natt faktisk! :D

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