You may think I'm insane but I have that spontaneous rush


Igot that spontaneous rush to stay in Kbg this weekend.
I make it sound like Kongsberg isa living hell when it's reallynot. I just tend to exaggerate a lot.
I like it here, though it's a tad boring but I can live with it. Atleast for now.But for three years? I don't
know about that. But so far sogood. I don't socialize that much here, I prefer to stay in myroom
and listen to music. Emo much? Naah, I just like being alone, but I hate being lonely. I've become
the total opposite of me since I moved here. Like, I prefer to be alone than sorrounded by plenty
of people. Not that I have something better to do. Kbg brings out the emo out of me. haha!

Just to clarify things up. I don't hate Kbg. I just think it's boring at times. Specially when it's
raining and there is nothing much you can do than stay inside and watch the pouring rain
through your window. But staying in Kongsberg for the weekend trned out to be th best
weekend so far. Not that I've spent weekends here before cuz I haven't. It's my first time. :)

We've been friends for a month now. This calls or a celebation! :)

Nachos. And I made apple pie.

After we went clubbing at Gran-Agur.
Midnight snaaacks!

Did you get that!? I was like: hell yeah! hahaha

Epic mustache!

Moss, Eidsvoll, Grimstad, Hokksund/Drammen, Klfta - Classmates.

My room looked like hurricane just passed by!

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