I'm a dreamaholic because I get drunk on my dreams and never intend on becoming sober


Sindre's crib. Movie - The Hngover. Haven't seen it.Pizza. And word play? For the record, he made
the best pizza with thin crust!He was bragging about it all night yeserdayat the after party and invited
usover at his crib forpizzas and movie.And I thought it was the alcohol talking yesteray.haha! :)
But I stand corrected. He lives on the 5th floor andme on the 14th. So we're pretty much neighbours.

Clock strikes 8 and it was time to do some laundry when my phone rings t'was TP asking if I wanna
eat with them in Netodden at Yabin's resto. Da'ah! Who turns down chinesse food? So I hurried up
to my room and grabbed my jacket and visa and went downstairs to meet her. Vinh picked us up
and so we drove to Beijing house.


Something you must try!

I can't remember the last time I was full. The food was sooo effing good, like omg!! I can't remeber the
last time I ate rice. It's been ages. I missed it. After dinning, we went to Yabin fat crib. Liked the view
from his place.

" It doesn't matter where you are in the world,the moon isnever bigger than your thumb. "
- Dear Jonh

Haha, you can't see it well from my pictures though, but it was really something. I was back at
around 11 pm. Can't waaait to go home this weekend celebrate Wally!

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