Wow this week has flown by and it's been a sponteneous one in Kbg. It's 04:37 am on monday morning. 
Although I've been somewhat excited to go home this weekend I changed my mind in the last minute. 
I slept way too late yesterday and woke up past two on the afternoon, probably the reason why I'm up so
freakishly late tonight. I have school in about three hours from now. I have no more redbull left on my
fridge and my tummy is starving for food. I got some take away food from Netodden, but I'm too lazy
to go and get some. I'm also craving for some apple pie which I have a slice or two left. Going to have
it for breakfast tomorrow. I can't barely wait. I can't sleep of thinking.. I'm having one of those random
days where I want to watch a disney movie. I want to watch Aladdin! I can't remember the last time
I saw it. Must've been soo long. I can't even remeber what happend, how it ended and la la la.
Anyone know where I can watch it online?





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