Searching for a heart of gold

When I'm attracted to someone:
It doesn't mean anything. I probably just think you're, attractive, du'uh. It makes me want to talk to
you or want you to notice me back. This doesn't last long. I usually get over it after a few minutes.

When I'm interested in someone:
Kind of the same thing that applies to me being attracted to you. It's nothing serious. We've had
some conversations and I want to get to know you more.

When I start liking someone:
Okay, this is where it starts. We talk everyday for long periods of time. Everything you do is super cute
and makes me smile and feel all rainbow. I get a little jealous from time to time when I know I shouldn't
because we're not official or anything. I just expect that since you're the only one I like then I should be
the only one you like.

When we're official:
You're still cute, funny, and sweet - yay! But it comes with fights, arguments, problems, etc. I tend to
get jealous over everything, even from assumptions I made up in my head. Except for when it comes
tofriends. You can hang out with any of your friends - yes, including the opposite sex. I don't care.
Just don't be a suspicious little fuck. I give a lot of freedom because, hey, I want freedom too. I'm not
into that whole 'double standards' thing. All I really expect is effort. If you?re not showing any, then I
don?t see how we could work. Actions speak louder than words.

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