I'm feeling for a change


...But first, I have to take a shower. I haven't done anything good today. Oh, wait. Actually I have. After falling
back to sleep for the secound time, I woke up, cleaned my room, change my bed sheet cover, vacuum the
floor, cleaned my bath room AND made dinner, chicken tandori ftw. Maybe do some laundry if I'm not feeling 
too tired. I basically spent half of my saturday sleeping. But hey, the day isn't over yet. I might get my ass off
drunk tonight and hit the nearest club in town, which is btw 50 meters away from my apartment.. Love it!
Well see though, I'm still pretty exhausted! -_-   Daaang, where are all of my energy? Now, time to hit the
shower and get freeeesh. Then I'll be hitting the club.. or nooot!  :)


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