Why does procrastination win every time?

Lately, I havent done anything good except sleep and eat. I woke up at 2 pm yester day, and that was becuase
my phone rang. Woke up around 2 pm today too. Had no class, but still.. I am at the point where I dont give
a damn about everything anymore. I have no motivationto keep me going on whatsoever. I have nothing to
look forward and literally screwing up my college year. My brain can no longer function, and I eventually let
sleep win. I fall asleep dreaming that I?ve somehow, for some reason, maybe a miracle happened, that
Id pass my finals.

I wake up in a blur and reality sets in. I start freaking out that I still have SO MUCH TO DO IN A WEEK.

FUCK. MY. LIFE. For real.

Screw this. Im going to sleep.

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