What Im thankful for

The other day I was asked what I was thankful for.
I almost forgot it was thanks giving, until I was reminded. It got me thinking though.

Aside from the obvious friends and family, this is what Im really thankful for.

GOD. Lets face it. Not everyone gives him enough credit nowadays.

My parents who loves me unconditionally. I love them to death
even though I dont show it to them, but I really do care about them.

Im thankful for waking up every morning with an able body. Im thankful for being able to sit myself
up and walk out of bed. Some people arent that lucky, and its seriously something we take for granted.

Im thankful for being healthy.

Im thankful for having a good education and hopefully will land a good job in the future.

Im thankful for having a mind thats open. I truly accept everyone for who they are, regardless of sex,
religion, gender, annoyance, stupidity and any other kind of dumb shit.

Happy Thanksgiving.:]
Better late than sorry.

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