I get really annoyed when people talk over something so dumb. It´s like, are we still in first grade? 
Grow up and stop being such a baby. Like omg, if I really cared what people think of me I wouldn´t say a 
word at all. Then again, I don´t live to please people. I mean, accusing me is one thing but telling me 
how I should talk is another. I don´t think I´ve been so annoyed before, for someone I barely 
even know. I don´t get it. Makes totally no sense for me. You don´t even know me! And if
you´re too embarassed of me, why bother talking to me then!?

Frankly I don´t care of what you or people think of me at all. 
Judge me, hate me, diss me, do whatever, I couldn´t care less. Stop being such a pussyboy!


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