What if

Speaking of song, G fell inlove with Jason Derulo´s single - What if.
So G, I dedicate this song and post to you. And you too D dawg, I feel you!

We had to listen to it for like a gazillion times in the car!! And I´m hooked. I had this song on
repeat since I got home. Infected. I think it´s cute how everyone is like, love-sick cracking! HEHE. 
Specially G, she´s good at hiding something. She never spells or tells us who she likes or how
she feel. But yesterday night, she finally broke down in tears. Okey, no tears. HAHA! I tend to
exaggerate. Though she didn´t give us his name cuz she thinks  we´d go around and tell everyone
and everybody. Which is not true! Okey, partly true! :P But she finally confessed. Hah, I knew
there was something.

Am I the only one who´s not on the same boat as them? Feels like everyone around me is
inlove. Cute! 

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