A hell lot of Redbull ingestions

EXAMS WEEK = A HELL LOT OF REDBULL INGESTIONS!I seriously dont know what I would do without Redbull. I am 24/7 sleepy all the time.Okey, maybe not all the time. But most of the time when it comes ...

Oh, baby this town rips the bones from your back

We sat at school until around 5-6 pm today. Twas already dark outside when were finishes. Ugh. Winter. You are so depressing some times...Lucky for us, we got invited to a dinner. Dinner and Rush...

Tell me what it is, it isn t fair


Will never be far from here

Dinner at Phus crib without Phu. He was too busy getting his haircut and christmas shopping that he ditched dinner. We owned hisplace and cooked dinner while he was out.Fajitas :)I cant believe i...

Last supper

Dinner at Phus crib.I dont think Ive eaten so muh Vietnamese food until I moved in Kbg. Never have I usedchopsticks so often before either. Eaten raw meat etc. Im not complaining, I love Vietna...

Winter has its charm

I wish it isnt THAT cold here in Kbg. Its ‎-20 C outside today.Fuuhreeezing!

Yes Im a dick so it shouldnt be hard for you to swallow

Sushi monday. Cue to Taios Dynamite!Sushi. Hands down!


Wait what!?So random. Got this package todaay. Even spelled my name wrong. Hah.Not just once but twice. Who the hell is Mari Strphanie Clane!?


Hej hej bloggen! (HAHA, like morsomt hvergang.) N sitter jeg og spiser cornflakes mens jeg hrer p musikk. Det er aller frste gangen jeg spiserfrokost hjemme fr eg drar p skolen. Jeg tenker, ...

Saturday; Middag, Vors, Ut & Nach

For en kveld!

Its a free world, smoke that shizz

Torsdagskos. Buon riue.Stoner!Viktig.Tada!Dino waffles!

First snow fall

Hvert r, samme historie. Nr snen faller, fr jeg i det hele tatt har sett ut av vinduet eller vrmeldingen, blir jeg opplyst om det p facebook. Jeg klager ikke over de 100 tusen statusene til f...

Like the seasons, I'm going to change

12.10.1019.10.1019.10.10Can you see how fast the season is changing? 08:32 just woke up. Vknet p den verste mten bli vekkt p. Mobilen ringer. jeg husker ikke hvemdet var, like greit. Now my ...

Counting all the assholes in the room, I'm definitly not alone

Monday.Kongsberg. By night.Dinner with friends.Bakes applepie.

Kickin' it back old school

That's what I'm talking about! Nothing wrong with two guys having fun in the bed... ?Okey, this is getting a little bit wierd.. Just showin some looove. Okey, this has to stop. First bed, handcough...

Sushi & friends

Sushi monday.

I'm a dreamaholic because I get drunk on my dreams and never intend on becoming sober

Sunday Sindre's crib. Movie - The Hngover. Haven't seen it.Pizza. And word play? For the record, he madethe best pizza with thin crust!He was bragging about it all night yeserdayat the after party...

You may think I'm insane but I have that spontaneous rush

Saturday Igot that spontaneous rush to stay in Kbg this weekend. I make it sound like Kongsberg isa living hell when it's reallynot. I just tend to exaggerate a lot.I like it here, though it's a t...

You're always wanting what you can't have

I'm tucked in my bed with laptop on my lap. Scented candles, vanilla and slow jams. Trey songz, Usher, Norah Jones, Ne-Yo, John Mayer, etc.First time I've spent the weekend over in Kbg. I was stoke...

Grocery shopping

Deposit the bottles. Recycling bags and grocery shopping. The nature loves me. Go green!

Just nu

Nu har jag duschat. Just nu sitter jag med en kopp kycklingsoppa och lyssna p musik.. mmmys! :)

Those will be the best memories

A day in the park. Kongsberg. <3Mediterer.Kongsberg.50 meter away from my apartment. Gotta love it!I heart them.

And now when all is gone there is nothing to say

Monday: A day in the park. I live in colorful building right beside the mall. What's not to love?Mall & Park! :) Min lgenhet.

Min lgenhet

Hej p er! I went home this weekend to get the rest of my stuff and a ricecooker! On saturday me, Rachiel and Nikki went to Ikea to buy some stuffs for my crib a l jailsell. Bought some box, boxs ...


Dag 1FeddreI dag gr turen til La Place. Bar til bra runden. Klokken 17.