september 2010

Sushi & friends

Sushi monday.

From the night to the light

Recent weekend.Pretty mellow.

You can always tell when I'm having too much fun;

I slack with my posts!

Teach me how to dougie

Dang! This song is caaatchy! Jamming to this song right now. I am sooo wide awake. I fell asleep on my bed right before I was going to finish my Biology report. Hard stuff! Thank God, I'm done with...

No regrets, just love

If my heart could write love songs I'd sing them all to you

If my heart could...

Suckers for

Dimples. Earings. Sweet talks.

Searching for a heart of gold

When I'm attracted to someone:It doesn't mean anything. I probably just think you're, attractive, du'uh. It makes me want to talk to you or want you to notice me back. This doesn't last long. I usu...


Wow this week has flown by and it's been asponteneous one in Kbg. It's 04:37 am onmonday morning.Although I've been somewhat excitedto go homethis weekend I changed my mindin the last minute.I slep...

I'm a dreamaholic because I get drunk on my dreams and never intend on becoming sober

Sunday Sindre's crib. Movie - The Hngover. Haven't seen it.Pizza. And word play? For the record, he madethe best pizza with thin crust!He was bragging about it all night yeserdayat the after party...

You may think I'm insane but I have that spontaneous rush

Saturday Igot that spontaneous rush to stay in Kbg this weekend. I make it sound like Kongsberg isa living hell when it's reallynot. I just tend to exaggerate a lot.I like it here, though it's a t...

Sweet pies don't make me fall in love

I made pie. Apple pie! nom:)

You're always wanting what you can't have

I'm tucked in my bed with laptop on my lap. Scented candles, vanilla and slow jams. Trey songz, Usher, Norah Jones, Ne-Yo, John Mayer, etc.First time I've spent the weekend over in Kbg. I was stoke...

No, this is not infatuation

Just like an ipod, turn her on

Intimate obsession - slow jams! So sexy. So hot. So romantic. So intimate. - Say it. - Neighbours know my name. - Sex. - Sex weed. ...

No strings attached whatsoever

Grocery shopping

Deposit the bottles. Recycling bags and grocery shopping. The nature loves me. Go green!

Just nu

Nu har jag duschat. Just nu sitter jag med en kopp kycklingsoppa och lyssna p musik.. mmmys! :)

I felt a sudden sadness

..when I heard this song. This song hit me bad. Tearjerker song.

Those will be the best memories

A day in the park. Kongsberg. <3Mediterer.Kongsberg.50 meter away from my apartment. Gotta love it!I heart them.

And now when all is gone there is nothing to say

Monday: A day in the park. I live in colorful building right beside the mall. What's not to love?Mall & Park! :) Min lgenhet.

Jag kan inte skilja om jag vil vara med dig

O jag kan inte skilja p om jag vill vinna digOch jag kan inte skilja p om jag vill vara med digO jag kan inte skilja p om jag vill bli av med digO jag kan inte skilja p om jag vill skada digMen...

She be like

She be like. Just the way you are. Neighbours know my name. Cooler than me. Ready for you. Best I ever had. Music I lsiten to a ...

Friends + saturday night, the vodka, lime and soda flows

We started pretty mellow. With Ernie atPeppes Pizza.With Pussy.Almostlike the old days.. :)Friendship.Her classmates form France.At the club.Found a manwhore.Lisa!With Lisa.Race off the roof!Jenely...

I got it from my momma

Mom flew to Stockholm this weekend with a bunch of friends, so didn't get to meet her before sunday that was when I was leaving and going back to Kbg. She got these for me. Isn't she the best? I to...

I am never an option cuz I'm a price

Making my way back home. Killing a time or two with Cosmopolitan! :) Super stoked to come home and get loose. It's been ages since I went clubbing i Oslo.

You had me trippin over you long time ago, but baby it's over now

Oh, what a night to remember.Friends + saturday night + vodka + soda lime = Meget god stemning!Peppes. Barfly vors. Fugazi. Hjem.Now, packing for Kongsberg. Going back to the boring town tomorrow. ...

Sug og svelg, god helg

Friday. Weekend. Schools out. And I'm going hooome. :)Can't wait to meet Pussy! I morgen skal det feires og festes p Elsker. woop woop!Goooood helg!

Bangin on the wall

This single is soo hooot. Like daaamn!I know, I've posted this song before. But this is my current obsession! I listen to it a lot. Specailly at night, light up some candles to set up the mood....

Home is wheremy heart is

Kongsberg is where my school is. I can't wait to go home tomorrow! My moms going to Stockholm with some friends. So I don't get to see her. I haven't spent a weekendin Kongsberg, I don&...

Sometimes... We say what we feel

Du savner han, men du klarer ikke fortelle han det. Du ligger litt lenger i senga og prver sove videre, bare for se han litt lenger, ved siden av deg i drmmene. Du legger deg p siden hans ...

I want you back

That is ME!! omg. I'm such a child, I mean, it's just a hair.I've been noting but complaining about how short my hair got since I cut my hairthis sunday. UGH! I know it'll grown, bu...

Out and about

Got home to like two hours ago from TP's crib. Kim made cake so I went there for midnightsnacks. nam nam! FInally got the rest of the pics from Gteborg, Sweden. Gonna uploadit soon. :) Time to...

One in a million

About time we hear something new from Ne-Yo! His concert ion Oslo spektrum was AHHHH-MAZING! I can still remember it like it was yesterday.He sangso good liv and dace so sexy. Oh my damn! Love this...

I knew I wouldn't forget you, and so I went and let you blow my mind

Chillaxing before hopping to the showerrrrr.And pamper my self with chocolate face mask. God, this mask smells so good. I wonder if it's edible, it sure smells chocolatey good.

Miss independent to the fullest

[x] Laurdy[x] Grocery[x] Iron clothes[x] Clean the bathroom[x] Cook dinnerI'm effing exhausted! It's super tiring to live a alone. Omg. Thank God I'm done with my house chores.My back i...

I love living life

True inspirasjon. :)

Bella can suck my toe

Not only did I learn to edit photos like this but I also sparkle like a bitch. Like Edward Cullen underthe sun. Hah! Bella can suck my toe.:) I should hit the bed.Early school tomorrow.G'Night

When my patiences wearin thin, when I'm ready to give in

What's on my bag: We had no class today so I went over at my two new besties house. We did homework for half and hour and spent rest of the day bubbling and chatting, then ended up whatching a ...

Sugar town

Oh Mickey, you so fooin, you so foooin you blow my mind!Yum!Cutest pic I've seen today. I just had to post. :)

I rymden finns inga knslor

Today's dinner, casserole with olives, salad and rice.After unpacking my bag my new life began. For the first time I had no one to tell me what to do.

Oh no, my hair turned black just like my heart

SundayCut my hair. Angst in my pants already.And it's only been a day old. ugh!But it will grow. Only it takes forever!


Bought this in Phills during the game Lakers vs Celtics.

No shit, it's really fucked up

Jeg fikk besk av G-star og D-dawg idag. Vi drakk kakao med marshmallow og spiste pizzamens vi s p Precious. Jeg har ftt to nye bestisser. :)


Min lunsj.D dagws lunsj. :)

You can if you believe

True. Amazing. Inspiring.

My friends are the kind that if the house was burning down they'd be hitting on the firemen

I live for the weekends. Friends. Sushi. Good company. My girls. Oslo. Saturday nights. The vodka, lime and soda flows.My friday went something a little bit like this:Before meeting Rachiel and the...

C'est pussy

Pussy is coming home this weekend from Paris, after almost half year there. But only for the weekendthough. We gon hit the clubs and party liek thres no tomorrow. Can't barely wait for weekend ...

Ikea food

SATURDAYStovner with TP.Then Ikea with my folks.Saturday. Went to Ikea with my folks. Bought some plate, glasses, forks, knife and kitchen stuff. Also I got an iron and blwdryer. I don't even d...

Les duex

Bought a new pairs of earing. So emo, I know.


What kept me busy on train ride back home. I have so say the timeI spent on the train flew by!I hated impatienly waiting to arrived to my destination. It always takes forever. But it went surprisin...

When life says give up, hope says try one more time

For those who wondered if I ot new friends in school. Da'ah!My closest friends. G-star from the left and D-dag on the right. Holla!!

Make it count

What you wear is an extension of who you are. Make it count.

Lanvin for H&M

H&M?s new design collaboration will be with the French high fashion house Lanvin. The collection consist of both women and men?s wear, and will be in stores on November 23d. Can?t say I am not exci...

I stay up at night

But now, my tummy is longing after food. Must. eat. Pronto!

St lykke for 10 kr

Jeg skjnner aldri til folk som legger til meg p facebook som jeg ikke kjenner eller mt. Hva er vitsen?Fr f mange venner? Noen kriterer mtte jeg lage fr jeg kan godkjenne den p lista mi: m...

I'm waiting for it to happen, but it just doesnt

You sparkle like a bitch


It's a beautiful mess outiside

When I got back to blogging. I shares I've experienced so many things in the past yearthat I would have never thought possible. Plus things have happened I've really thought there is no way...

Share my dreams, eat my mind and steal my toughts

I miss my laptop. It feels like it's been forever since I last touch it, surf in it and la la la.I didn't bother bringing it with me back home since I was meeting my girls down town beforeh...

Anger management

Hater komme hjem og krangle med foreldrene mine. Ser dem engang i uken og alikivel er jeg like sint nr jeg bodde her. Kommer aldri overens med hverandre. Hvorfor kan jeg ikke forandre meg!? I ne...