november 2010

I don´t wanna seem so weak

Chest to chest. Nose to nose. Palm to palm. We were always just that close. Wrist wrist. Toe to toe.Lips that just felt like the inside of a rose. So how come when I reach out my fingers. It feels ...

No risk, no reward

Jeg sier alltid "det er bedre å angre på noe man har gjort, enn å angre på noe man ikke har turt å gjøre", men likevel sitter jeg her å angrer på ting jeg ikke turte å gjøre. Jeg sier også "det er ...

I can´t keep up with you

Tonight. Dim lights. Candle lights. Mellow music.Ps. My baby is back! :)


New song! Love the intro, it´s cathcy! Lil Crazed is soo tiny. :P

Last supper

Dinner at Phu´s crib.I don´t think I´ve eaten so muh Vietnamese food until I moved in Kbg. Never have I usedchopsticks so often before either. Eaten raw meat etc. I´m not complaining, I love Vietna...

Winter has it´s charm

I wish it isn´t THAT cold here in Kbg. It´s ‎-20 ° C outside today.Fuuhreeezing!

Tic tac

Worth a try!! TRY!


I love it when I post my blog url on my fb-stats and 5 minutes later I got like tons of hits.People are curious. So do I, so do I! :) G´Night

That´s a secret I´ll never tell

When I should be doing something productive. ugh!I´m such a procrastinator.

Yes I´m a dick so it shouldnt be hard for you to swallow

Sushi monday. Cue to Taio´s Dynamite!Sushi. Hands down!


Wait what!?So random. Got this package todaay. Even spelled my name wrong. Hah.Not just once but twice. Who the hell is Mari Strphanie Clane!?

Shades of grey

All men are equal, but some men are more equal than others


It´s that time of the year again

It´s that time of the year again! :)It´s snow storming outside, I get the warm feeling that Christmas is right around the corner.

Live life to the fullest

When people say "live life to the fullest" it doesn´t necessarily mean go out &drink, party, and be crazyitcan simply mean make the best out of every situation and see the greatest in what you have...

When words fail, music speaks

Music I recently added in my iTunes library. Thought I´d share. Sharing is caring! Bruno Mars - The First Time The Rangers - She Likes Me B4-4 - Endlessly...


I get really annoyed when people talk over something so dumb. It´s like,are we still in first grade?Grow up and stop being such a baby. Like omg, if I really cared what people think of me I wouldn´...


Love this song.Christopher found em´ in youtube. Apparently they are Filippinos. I think Filippinpos dominatesyoutube nowadays. I mean, Erin Paula, J Reyez, Legaci, Erika David, Joseph Vincent.Some...

Let´s stay fly like a G6

I still listen to this song. Love it.

By chance

One of the amazing things in the world is having someone fall for you whom you thought you never had a chance with.:) This song is just so cute! I have always been a big fan ofacoustic music. It´s...

Traded everything for love

Once you have and/or experience true love, nothing else matters and you will feel that. Those special moments where catching glimpses causes the world to stop are things you´re gonna remember if lo...

What I´m thankful for

The other day I was asked what I was thankful for.I almost forgot it was thanks giving, until I was reminded. It got me thinking though.Aside from the obvious friends and family, this is what I´m r...

Miss independet to the fullest

Ohh... Being independent comes with a lot of hardships. But I´m not complaining. Finally got rid of thatstink on my fridge. Hehe. I cleaned up the kitchen and all. It was exhausting. For the first ...

Cheers to the freakin weekend

God morgen! Kjenner på kroppen at jeg har sovet mer enn 3 timer i natt. Nå er jeg enda mer sliten for kroppen tror det er helg igjen. Sov så dårlig i natt. Hører jo musikken fra utestedet helt til ...

Sometimes you gotta act like you don´t care

Sometimes you gotta act like you don´t care. That´s nly way the boys learn. It´s not often that I like these kind of music, but this group stands out from the rest. Not like those super duper cut...

This citylights will light up this whole town

Drammen.Mouth watering. mmm Etter skolen ble det en liten tur i Gullskogen, deretter spiste vi middag på en Chinesse resto´i Drammen. :)


I know the lipstick won´t fix itBut I´ve gotta put my game face onI wish Mascara could mask thisUntil all the tears are goneI´ve gotta paint the pain awayMake like - I´m okPretend I don´t wanna sta...


Kongsberg brings out the emo out of me...


I heard you good with them soft lips


Why does procrastination win every time? Lately, I haven´t done anything good except sleep and eat. I woke up at 2 pm yester day, and that was becuasemy phone rang. Woke up around 2 pm today too. ...


I hate when you look up the definition of a word and you don?t understand a word that?s found in the definition; resulting in looking up another word just to understand the original word. Did you ...

Word of the day


Au revoir


Bed´s inviting

Going to hit the sack. G´Night

Just a thought

It´s overused. It s a cliché. Its corny. Its just a line. Its illogical. It s troublesome. Its always too abrupt. It´s never on cue. Its difficult to say. It will be held against you. Its too bold....

Spontaneous night out

Uhm, odd photos. HEHE

The deathly hallows

Went to see the new Harry Potter movie wirh mæ bois TP & L yesterday. Really not a big fanof Harry Potter. Haven´t seen the third and fourth movie. But eh, there is nothing much you cando when you´...

Oh na na na na what´s my name

Han sa "Hey! Erru veggetarianer eller gåre ann å få lurt inn en kjøttbit?" så jeg dro hjem. Jeg var som sagt ute i byen igår. Var en veldig spontan tur. Men jeg skal spare dere for et fyllainleg...

kl 05:08 am

Han sa "Hey! Erru veggetarianer eller gåre ann å få lurt inn en kjøttbit?" så jeg dro hjem. Just got home from the club. T´was a very spontaneous night out. We hit the club very late.It wasalmost ...

Sooner than later

She´s saying something there.. I mean, like " it´s pretty much about you like this guy, he likes you and you guys are like meant to be together and you know you guys shoud be together but... He´s j...

Part of the list, things that I miss

Are you hungry? Cause I spotted dinner. And I´m not talking about the food below.. HEHE Koooselig! :)

Ord som gjør hjertet varmt

At this moment there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world. Some are running scared. Some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day. Others are just not facing the truth. Some are ...


03:31 am and I wish I was sleeping. You´re in my head like a song on the radio.Sitting here, turning minutes into hours...

En vacker utsikt att komma hem till

Doing grocery shopping with mom. Then noticed this beautiful scenery. :)

Down on me


He´s in my iPod and I got him on replay

Tan guy = Hot guy. Sexy voice. Tall, dark and Fiippino. I think I just found the man of my dream. Never thoughtI would but I stand corrected. Did I mention he plays the guitar? He´s a tripplethreat...


Hej hej bloggen! (HAHA, like morsomt hvergang.) Nå sitter jeg og spiser cornflakes mens jeg hører på musikk. Det er aller første gangen jeg spiserfrokost hjemme før eg drar på skolen. Jeg tenker, ...

The city that never sleeps


Second chances they don´t ever matter

Second chances they don´t ever matter. People never change.Once a whore, you´re nothing more. I´m sorry, that´ll never change. And about forgiveness. We´re both supposed to have exchanged I´m sorry...

Bedtime stories

Before hitting the sack I must hit the shower. One of my daily routine. I feel so filthy crashing the bed without taking abath. I´m in my pj´s ready to hit the bed. But first things first, mid nigh...

Introducing me

T´was cute. Hahah.


I can always tell a good guy from a douche...

You might want to rap but she will make you sing

Ok. Fikk nettop vite at vi starter ikke før kl 13:50 i morgen. And I was just about to go to bed...The hell am I thinking. I can sleep all day tomorrow. And stay up all night tonight! Im´m such a n...

I could be chasing but my time would be wasted

02:45 am Fresh out from the shower. I´m freakin fresh to death! HEHEI seriously need to STOP procrastinating. It ain´t doing me no good. Not only it´s affecting my studies butmy sleeping pattern a...

You said you´d never leave

Casual monday

I have way too much spare time in my hand. HEHE

Sunday; Babyback ribs

Søndagskoos! :) For en dag!

Saturday; Middag, Vors, Ut & Nach

For en kveld!

Friday; Roadtrippin´

Vestby - Nordby - Svinesund Baby, baby, baaabyback riiibs!Chillicheese, garlic and jelapenos!Bil 1 Bil 2LAGER! HeheFor en tur!

Trick or treat

Mom never fails to decorate our house. Season by season, occasion by occasion. Cathly Que´s crib: Haha.


Part ll

Rihanna´s part ii of I love the way you lie.Love. this. song.Better than the first one.

It´s a free world, smoke that shizz

Torsdagskos. Buon riue.Stoner!Viktig.Tada!Dino waffles!



I had the time of my life

For en deilig låt. Gi mig fredag nu!

Tættere på himmelen