desember 2010

Two years

December 28 2010. My blog turned two years older. Sick! I cant believe its been that long since I started blogging. But unfortunately, this will be my last..Ive decided to quit blogging. Im go...

God Jul

nsker alle en riktig God Jul! :)

Fall for yout type

Jamie Foxxft. Drake- Fall For Your Type

Drizzy Drake

Cant wait to go home

One more final to go, then ho ho ho!!!

A hell lot of Redbull ingestions

EXAMS WEEK = A HELL LOT OF REDBULL INGESTIONS!I seriously dont know what I would do without Redbull. I am 24/7 sleepy all the time.Okey, maybe not all the time. But most of the time when it comes ...

You will find me, in these city lights

Making our way upper town. After the movie was finished, around 9-10 pm we spontaneously decide to drove to Drammenfor sight seeing. And slow jams was our tune on the radio. It was so chill. Weve ...

What if

Speaking of song, G fell inlove with Jason Derulos single - What if. So G, I dedicate this song and post to you. And you too D dawg, I feel you!We had to listen to it for like agazillion times in ...

Oh, baby this town rips the bones from your back

We sat at school until around 5-6 pm today. Twas already dark outside when were finishes. Ugh. Winter. You are so depressing some times...Lucky for us, we got invited to a dinner. Dinner and Rush...

I wont give you reason to change your mind

Omg. Gipsy, youre such a good cook!I love you, dawg! :)

Private concerns and evaluations and wishes

Weekend:Friday: Julebord. Havent got the pics fromTP yet.Saturday: Dinner with TP & L.Sunday: With my dawgs.

Tumblr I made this for a year ago now. I cant believe its been that long! Seriously though, feels like I made this justa couple of months ago. Im thinking of transferin...

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas

Oh Joseph, why art though so hot? Santa can you hear me? Really hope that your on your way.With something special for me in your sleigh.I have been so good this year and all I want is one thing....

Just like you

Just like you...I get lonely too.

If I'm the lyric, baby you could be the note. Record that!

If you be the cashI'll be the rubberbandYou be the matchImma be your fuseBoom!Painter baby youCould be the museI'm the reporter babyYou could be the newsCause your the cigarretteAnd I'm the smokerW...

Disney medley

How adorable is he?!Very. Love his smile. Though I think he might be too young. Oh, I love a man who canplays the guitar or an instrument. Who can sing or dance.

Back and forth you rock me

Mellow cover.


I got nerves!

Chasing papers

I die. I just wanna get this over with. I wanna g home soon!

Life itself

Usher - I Love You Too Chris Brown - Life Itself Chris Brown - Qutis Chris Brown - Last Time Together Mishon - Just A KissT.I - Let Me Tell Y...

The internet

Is way too distracting right now: Facebook. Tumblr. Youtube. Etc. I have an exam ths friday and I barely even havestarted studying! I am in deep doo doo. Oh yes I am! I soo am!!! Dang it! So... tim...


I have no motivation to keep me going. I am a big procrastinator. I wish I had something that motivates me,so I can work towards that. I AM SCREWING UP MY FRESHMAN YEAR! Yeah, thats more like me. ...

People never change

Alle forteller deg at han ikke er bra for deg, at han ikke fortjener deg.Og det gjr han ikke, men likevel vil du bare vre med han. Og han vil vre med hvem som helst. Du lukker ynene hver gang h...


D, where you at, dawg?


Talking to you was part of my daily routine.

Another night she spends alone

I'll drink to that!

If doing homework was a job

If doing homework was a job, I wouldnt even get hired, so that means Id never get fired...How sad.. haha.

Mac & Cheese

I had mac & cheese for breakfast todaay. Now Imnauseous. I didnt even eat a wholesome.I guess I know what Im having for tonights midnight snacks. hehe. Cantwait to go out with my ladies tonight...


Off to school. Ugh. We dont even have class today. But promised G to meet her there and "study" as ifthats gonna happen. We all know well ended up just talking.

Oh na na, whats my name

I know Ive posted this song a while ago. But not with the original video.Love this song. The lyrics and Drizzy. They look good together. Rih rih is stunning!

Baby you're a challenge, let's explore your talent

Not everybody knows how to work my body, knows how to make me want itBut boy you stay up on it , you got that something that keeps me so off balanceBaby you're a challenge , let's explore your tale...

Im just another substance abuser, but baby Im the future

When you want someone, you have to take the person as a whole. Their entire being. Meaning you haveto take the good with the bad. You cant just pick the bright side of a persons personality and l...

A day without sunshine is like, you know, night

Me and TP had a major cravings for sushi today.Solution: Buy a take away. Satisfy your cravings.The leftovers turned out to be my midnight snacks.. The leftover of the leftovers. hahaNow Im stuf...

All I want for Christmas

Definitely a real piece of art for me!Hes a tripple threat and hes just my type.

Hello december

Please be good with me.

Tell me what it is, it isn t fair


Will never be far from here

Dinner at Phus crib without Phu. He was too busy getting his haircut and christmas shopping that he ditched dinner. We owned hisplace and cooked dinner while he was out.Fajitas :)I cant believe i...