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Fall for yout type

Jamie Foxxft. Drake- Fall For Your Type

What if

Speaking of song, G fell inlove with Jason Derulo´s single - What if. So G, I dedicate this song and post to you. And you too D dawg, I feel you!We had to listen to it for like agazillion times in ...

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas

Oh Joseph, why art though so hot? Santa can you hear me? Really hope that your on your way.With something special for me in your sleigh.I have been so good this year and all I want is one thing....

If I'm the lyric, baby you could be the note. Record that!

If you be the cashI'll be the rubberbandYou be the matchImma be your fuseBoom!Painter baby youCould be the museI'm the reporter babyYou could be the newsCause your the cigarretteAnd I'm the smokerW...

Disney medley

How adorable is he?!Very. Love his smile. Though I think he might be too young. Oh, I love a man who canplays the guitar or an instrument. Who can sing or dance.

Back and forth you rock me

Mellow cover.

Life itself

Usher - I Love You Too Chris Brown - Life Itself Chris Brown - Qutis Chris Brown - Last Time Together Mishon - Just A KissT.I - Let Me Tell Y...

Oh na na, what´s my name

I know I´ve posted this song a while ago. But not with the original video.Love this song. The lyrics and Drizzy. They look good together. Rih rih is stunning!


New song! Love the intro, it´s cathcy! Lil Crazed is soo tiny. :P

That´s a secret I´ll never tell

When I should be doing something productive. ugh!I´m such a procrastinator.

It´s that time of the year again

It´s that time of the year again! :)It´s snow storming outside, I get the warm feeling that Christmas is right around the corner.

When words fail, music speaks

Music I recently added in my iTunes library. Thought I´d share. Sharing is caring! Bruno Mars - The First Time The Rangers - She Likes Me B4-4 - Endlessly...


Love this song.Christopher found em´ in youtube. Apparently they are Filippinos. I think Filippinpos dominatesyoutube nowadays. I mean, Erin Paula, J Reyez, Legaci, Erika David, Joseph Vincent.Some...

Let´s stay fly like a G6

I still listen to this song. Love it.

By chance

One of the amazing things in the world is having someone fall for you whom you thought you never had a chance with.:) This song is just so cute! I have always been a big fan ofacoustic music. It´s...

Sometimes you gotta act like you don´t care

Sometimes you gotta act like you don´t care. That´s nly way the boys learn. It´s not often that I like these kind of music, but this group stands out from the rest. Not like those super duper cut...


I know the lipstick won´t fix itBut I´ve gotta put my game face onI wish Mascara could mask thisUntil all the tears are goneI´ve gotta paint the pain awayMake like - I´m okPretend I don´t wanna sta...

The deathly hallows

Went to see the new Harry Potter movie wirh mæ bois TP & L yesterday. Really not a big fanof Harry Potter. Haven´t seen the third and fourth movie. But eh, there is nothing much you cando when you´...

Sooner than later

She´s saying something there.. I mean, like " it´s pretty much about you like this guy, he likes you and you guys are like meant to be together and you know you guys shoud be together but... He´s j...

Down on me


He´s in my iPod and I got him on replay

Tan guy = Hot guy. Sexy voice. Tall, dark and Fiippino. I think I just found the man of my dream. Never thoughtI would but I stand corrected. Did I mention he plays the guitar? He´s a tripplethreat...

Introducing me

T´was cute. Hahah.

Part ll

Rihanna´s part ii of I love the way you lie.Love. this. song.Better than the first one.

I had the time of my life

For en deilig låt. Gi mig fredag nu!

Tættere på himmelen


Baby, you´re a firework

Katy Perry har så mye bra fortiden. She never fails. Very :)

There´s me and there´s you

Love. this. song. This song is my jam. His voice is so... ooooh! Ladies, you know what I mean! You go, Robin. Do your thang! Just got home, I haven´t been home since 08:00 this morning.I feel dirty...


I never thought that I'd fall in love, love, love, love.But it grew from a simple crush, crush, crush, crush.Didn't expect this is how things would go.

Trading places

Love. this. song. But mostly the video. So sexy! Keeps me beg for mooore. HAHA

Lay it down

Dagens låt: This song is hot. So is the video. But nothing beats good ol' Trey!Ever since I had it couldn't stop listening to it. It was on repeat in iTunes, until now. Haha

Lemme work that body with you

Jag behöver alltid lite skön musik på morgonen för att komma igång!Først borjar man med lite Trey Songz så slår man til lite upbeat music to keep megoing in the morning before I hit the streets and...

Bumpy ride

Ya dig? Lett vors musikk i kveld! Woop woop

Doo-Wops & Hooligans

Talking to the moon The lazy song Our first time Somewhre in Brooklyn Bruno Mars

Never amlost had you

It's weird, like when you're in love, all of a sudden you're hearing all of these love songs for the first time, and it feels like the singer is just talking to you alone, reading your mind. When y...

Teach me how to dougie

Dang! This song is caaatchy! Jamming to this song right now. I am sooo wide awake. I fell asleep on my bed right before I was going to finish my Biology report. Hard stuff! Thank God, I'm done with...

Just like an ipod, turn her on

Intimate obsession - slow jams! So sexy. So hot. So romantic. So intimate. - Say it. - Neighbours know my name. - Sex. - Sex weed. ...

I felt a sudden sadness

..when I heard this song. This song hit me bad. Tearjerker song.

She be like

She be like. Just the way you are. Neighbours know my name. Cooler than me. Ready for you. Best I ever had. Music I lsiten to a ...

Bangin on the wall

This single is soo hooot. Like daaamn!I know, I've posted this song before. But this is my current obsession! I listen to it a lot. Specailly at night, light up some candles to set up the mood....

One in a million

About time we hear something new from Ne-Yo! His concert ion Oslo spektrum was AHHHH-MAZING! I can still remember it like it was yesterday.He sangso good liv and dace so sexy. Oh my damn! Love this...

I love living life

True inspirasjon. :)


Song of the day.I should probably start packing and pull my self together and go back to my place. Weekend was fununtil it lasted. Kongsbergs waiting. So are my laundries! Ugh, I hate the two hours...

Soak up the sun

This song is the anthem of life. Brings back the days when i was a young kid. Back when nothing mattered at all.Give me summer and a whole lot of sunshine!!

Make you feel my love

I heard this song today when I was watching when in Rome. I brought two dvd's with me, The last songand When in Rome. The last song was blur so I watched When in Rome and besides I'vealread...

You lost me

Høsten er like rundt hjørnet. Varmt strikket tøy, flere kopperkakao om dagen, sanger som dette.Som man spiller når man ligger i sengen sin og ser ut på høstmørket og visne blader, fine bøker om kjæ...

DJ got us falling inlove

GottenTeenage dramaDJ got us falling inloveDynamiteFourrecent musics on my iTunes library. Love that!

Not like the movie

I. love. this. song. :)

The subconscious mind

I saw this movie in Liverpool. It was...deep!

Sun-kissed skin

Ny låt på iTunes sommer spilleliste sa du.Ja'a :)

Love dealer

Liker at videon var så enkel og JT's stil var så laid back.


Hun er flink! En cover av The Script - Breakeven. Har aldri hørt denne sangen faktisk.Menjeg likte den ihverrtfal. Allerede lastet ned og lagt inn på iTunes library. Snart skal det synkroniseres på...


Nettop sett på Cougar Twon. Glemte at den gikk på mandag, heldigvis går den på FEM på onsdageretter Privileged. Jeg så på Ugly betty igår. Har gått glipp av mye nå! Betty har tatt bort reguleringen...

Come back when you can

Fin :)

The last song

Drotil Oslo og luftet skoene mine i dag. Siden det var en hel uke siden sist de såOsloasfalt. Nei vent, jeg var jo der på tirsdag og møtte Nicole. Idag møtte jegSofiebear på Saga for å se på den ny...

Last request

Slow down, Lie down,Remember it's just you and me.Don't sell out, bow out,Remember how this used to be.I just want you closer,Is that alright?Baby let's get closer tonightGrant my last ...

Filmen jeg vil se

Er det noe jeg er dårlig til så er det å se på tv, og følge med på serier, men det har jeg vært flink medi det siste. Spessielt å følge med på Cougar Town. Ettersom den negynner ti og hvis jeg jobb...


I bet all the guys are like Ciara-wanna bang right now. When they see this video.It's just like soo hot you know.:p But I mean for real though.

Oh my gosh

Her har dere ulempen/fordelen med å ha homsevenner, man får masse sånn her musikk og jeg er redd for at jeg liker det. Nå har jeg virkelig spammet bloggen med musikk video's. Sunt!

Hey soul sister

Sommer kom til mig nu!Gillar melodien fett mkt. Bara lyssna och njuuut. :DGir meg sommer følelse. Minner meg om Jason Mraz' I'm yours med gitar i bakgrunnen. Sånne msuikk forbinder jeg smme...

You, you're so yesterday

Jeg hørte den nettop. Og likte den. Noen sanger tar de evighet for meg å like andre sangerhører jeg bare introen og jeg er allerede forelsket. Hehe. Har jo egentlig "sluttet" å høre påsån...

All night long

This is more like MY song, though. I miss the partying part!! Not that I don't party on the weekends but s'not enough.I miss it so bad. I mean,house party. It used to be soo fun.The crankyn...

All we gotta do is love

I know, I know.It's been forever since I last post a music or a video on my blog. It's just I've been so busyfocusing on the other stuff. And speaking of music. Lately I've been lis...

Is duty enough reasone to live a lie

Impuls shopping.Elsker det. Akkurat som Twilight bøkene. Men jeg har faktisk sett traileren til denne kommende film. Med Channing Tatum som hovedperson og Amanda Seyfried. Gleder meg.Skal straks be...

Søteste sang til vårskykling

♫ ♪♫ La di da di daa. ♫ ♪♫The problem is, my parents are gay,they threw my bike away. Mente at det ble for gammelt og at jegvar for "stor" til den. Na&...

Starter nå på en ny runde med Friends

Jepp jepp! :)

Rösta på mig

Retarded attempt. -.-TP killed it. Martin being a skank. Me, being me. And DeVille being Cruela!Geez.

Step up 3D

Sweeet.Gleder meg!

Edward Cullen can suck my toe

You now my bff dirty Martini? Han er tilbake i Norge for to uker i påsken. Og jeg fikk Norah Jones cd, Hannah Monata OG New Moon dvd. Sweeeet! Selv om han åpnet og hørte på cdene og så på New moon ...

What I was never sure of with you

Åh, for en herlig dag! Hadde det veldig koselig med film istad. Og endelig har jeg fått ryddet rommetmitt. Jeg som har en hektsik hverdag fortiden får nesten ikke tid til noe annet. Men i går beste...


Sick video. I heart Gaga. She's dope!